Portia Munson: The Pink Bedroom

"The bedroom is a complete environment of mass-produced objects marketed towards girls and women…all the stuff ‘girls’ ‘need’."

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Portia Munson: The Pink Bedroom

January 27th-July 26th, 2023

This installation focuses on the conflicting expectations we put on the production and consumption of the female body. It is a playful selection and presentation of pink objects, including lingerie, innocent dolls, crotch-clenching nutcrackers, and suggestive vessels.

It is an exaggerated space that makes us question why pink is associated with girlhood and femininity, and brings together products marketed to infants, girls, teens, and women to show the unsettling range of these mass-produced items. Seeing them all together prompts us to question our relationship to the color and what it means about us as a society.

How has the color pink permeated your life?

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